Ticks are small parasites which hang on to the skin of dogs and suck on their blood. A tick can live for many years feeding on your pet’s blood. They do not always stick on to the pet’s skin, and spend quite a lot of life time at other places in house too. If left without any attention, ticks can cause serious illness in pets.  

As we know, prevention is better than cure, do not wait to spot that 1st tick on your doggie’s body to do something. Take below mentioned precautions so that your doggie does not have to suffer from these menacing parasites.

1. Spot On: Use spot-on treatments once a month on your doggie. These are available mostly over the counter and can be applied by anyone taking care of the doggie. Usually, once applied, it should take care of your doggie for a month.

2. Grooming: Give regular bath to your doggie and use anti-tick shampoos for bathing your doggie. Many known dog grooming brands have their own anti-tick shampoos. A nice run of hair brush once a week will also go a long way in finding hidden ticks.

3. Checks: Check your doggie thoroughly each time you come back from a walk in the park. There is a higher probability of tick latching on from these areas so everytime you come back, do run a thorough check looking for ticks.

4. Pest Control: Get anti-tick pest control done once every 6 months for your home to ensure that your home is free of these ticks. If your dog has recently had a tick issue, get this done in conjunction with his tick medication.

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