Doggies are wonderful but one thing which is sad about them is that they have shorter lives than their humans. So even though it is inevitable for you to not suffer from the bereavement, there are few things you can do to make sure that your best friend lives longer than usual and stay healthy throughout.

1. Love them: Most important thing for a dog is love of his parent(s). More a dog feels loved by his/her family, greater are the chances for him/her to live longer & healthier.

2. Exercise: Make sure you are paying attention to your doggie’s exercise. Though this may vary breed to breed, daily walks and occasional visits to parks along with indoor activities should do the trick for most of them.

3. Regular Vaccinations & checkups: Make sure your doggie is vaccinated against rabies and other common viruses. Also, do take your doggie to the vet every 6 months for regular check ups.

4. Food: Make sure you are feeding your doggie the best you can. Dogs have different meal requirements from humans. Make sure you check with the vet on what kind of diet is suitable for their age & breed and feed them according to that.

5. Weight: Urban living is not a doggie’s natural habitat and that creates problems such as weight gain or obesity in dogs. Pay attention to your dog’s weight and try to keep them at their ideal weight according to their age & breed. Keeping them at ideal weight will help you avoid many health issues which are becoming all too common now a days.