We all love our pets and go extra mile to pamper them but have we ever thought about their safety while traveling?  

Dogs keeping their face out of the window and feeling the air on their face are very common scenes now a days on the roads. We also see some parents driving their cars with their most loved companion sitting in their lap while they are on driving seat.

But just how safe these things are? We may never know till we encounter a reckless driver cut us off while attempting a dangerous overtaking. So what are the precautions we can take to ensure our pets travel safe while we take them to the vets or to a pampering session at the spa?

1. Restraint Harness: Do invest in a restraint harness. Your dog may not like getting restrained in the moving car but it is the best thing you can do to ensure their safety.  

2. Window Locking: Ensure that you lock the windows and dog is not able to take its face out. It may look like that you are not conforming to the general norm of letting your dog stick his face out and feel the wind however this is dangerous especially in Indian cities where a bike rider can come from anywhere and hit a unsuspecting dog. The heavy airflow is not good for respiratory system of dogs and is another reason for you to not let your pooch stick his face out.

3. Lap Driving:  If you are alone in the car with your doggie and need to take him somewhere urgently, do use the restraint and not make them sit in your lap or even the front seat. Sometimes we do that so that we don’t get distracted by them however in case of a mishap, the doggie sitting in your lap will act as an airbag for you(without the safety of a seatbelt) and will be taking the maximum force on himself. I am sure you would not want that.

4. Car Alone: Don’t ever leave your dog alone in the car, even if it is for a short time like you parking your car to just pick up a quick parcel from a restaurant. Many dogs get separation anxiety and get very uncomfortable in a small space like a car even for a short time. On hot days, the gases that can form inside a burning car can be lethal for dogs. Think of it as a bigger trouble for them than it is for you to take them out with you for that short duration.