Canine obesity is a big problem. Urban living and busy working hours sometimes do not let parents take their dogs outside for daily exercise. But that shouldn’t mean that your dog misses his exercise. Here are 5 fun ways you can give your dog enough exercise at home:

1. Fetch:

Probably the most basic game which you may already be playing with your friend. Get hold of your pet’s favourite toy, throw it around the room and he/she will have fun fetching it for you. Some dogs have a habit of not returning a fetch. Tackle that by having 2 or 3 throw toys. This way, you can get some exercise too.

2. Bubbles:

Get a kids bubbles solution and blow bubbles. Your dog will have fun fetching the bubbles and get exercise without realizing. There are special dog bubble solutions available in the market in different flavours. Find the one your dog loves.

3. Obstacle Course:

This one may not be as easy as the two mentioned above but once your dog has learnt it, it will be most fun. Create an obstacle course with 2 or 3 household items. These can be small stools or plastic bottles used as pointers. Start teaching your dog by making him pass through individual obstacle and slowly create the complete course. Lure him/her 1st with treats in your hand and slowly wean him/her off the treats.

4. Find the toy:

Show your pet’s favourite toy to him/her and then hide it in a corner, behind the door, under the sofa or on a high table. Let him work for finding the toy out. For the first few times, you may have to get close to the point and try to hint the location to him if he gives up. Once he gets the hang of it, he will look for the toy all by himself.

5. Tug of war:

Again a simple yet effective activity. Tie your dog’s favourite toy on one end of the rope and drag it around the house. Your dog will notice it and start following it. Let him occasionally get hold of it and start pretending that you do not want him to have it. It will be a fun activity which will be enjoyed by both you and your doggie.