Dogs are known as best companions to humans and it is for a reason. Keeping a dog comes with its own perks. Here are some of the benefits a dog parent or family enjoys.

1. Exercise

Keeping a Doggie has a positive impact on overall well being of family. Doggie parents are more likely to get exercise for themselves sometimes in disguise of exercising their dog. Through regular exercise you can lose weight, lower your cholesterol and decrease the risk of diabetes. This will help keep your heart in a good condition.

2. De-stressing

Doggie parents enjoy cuddles and caresses from their pooch which are instant stress busters. Research has continuously shown that Doggie parents fare better when it came to depression or loneliness.

3. Socializing

It seems straight out of a movie plot but it’s true. Dog parents tend to socialise more. They tend to open up more when asked about their pooch. Taking your Doggie for walks can help you also make new friends with other dog lovers.

4. Boosts immunity

Babies who grow up with a dog at home tend to develop better immune system and are less likely to fall sick or get allergies. Some dogs also help detect cancer sooner by their amazing sense of smell. And the fact that they can smell bad people is just an additional plus, isn't it!

5. Safety

Having a dog home makes you feel safer. Dogs are loyal and will follow you everywhere you go. Their natural instinct is to protect its human from any danger. Even if they aren't big or fierce looking, Doggies can still be an effective home security system. Barking dogs deter burglars or stray animals and birds from entering your premises. There are numerous accounts where a dog saved life of its human when in danger by simply alerting the surroundings.

Having a dog is good for your physical and mental health, both without asking for a lot in return. Quite a good deal we say!