In an earlier article, we talked about the growing problem of obesity in dogs. Urban living, increasing affordability & less time to take them out are a few reasons for our pets to become unhealthy. However, one of the easiest ways to track your pet’s health is by tracking their food intake. Now we know what you are thinking, how do we do that? That sounds tough, doesn’t it? We will come to that but first, let’s see why it is so important.

The food we buy or cook for our loving friends is an essential part of their overall wellbeing. But, it’s not just the ingredients of the food that matters.  We can also make sure that they live a long healthy and happy life by just tracking their food intake. So, what are the key reasons or benefits for which we should track the food intake of our furry friends?

Onset of a Disease: A change in food intake can be a sign of onset of a disease. In various medical conditions such Valley Fever, Tick Fever or diseases in internal organs may decrease their appetite. Thus, if you notice any change in their food intake you can get alerted to the illnesses early on.

Metabolic Disorders:  A sudden increase in food intake may mean onset of a metabolic disorder. Dogs experiencing the early signs of some metabolic disorders, such as hypothyroidism or Cushing’s disease may suddenly start to eat more and gain weight.

Change in Physical Activity: Some times, a change in physical activity may go unnoticed. In case you have hired someone to take your doggie for a walk, a change in food intake can alert you to check if your doggie is actually getting the required physical activity.

Psychological Problems: Sometimes not only physical but psychological problems may also impact the food intake. Change in environment, less time with the hooman & many such small changes can impact their psychology and may go unnoticed, therefore tracking the food intake may make you aware of these problems early on.

Expenses: Tracking of your fur friend’s food intake will also make sure that you are aware of your expenditure and you don’t go out of your budget while giving the right care to them.

What’s the solution? If you have been buying food from the local store, you can stop that and download DoggieTheApp here and order the same food through the app. The app allows you to set up a schedule that can be changed anytime while also delaying or preponing a certain delivery at your will.

This will not only ensure that you never run out of food but also show you if you have been ordering at a certain frequency that has suddenly changed by a large margin. The app home page has a small button called Pet Food Tracker where you will find all this information neatly stacked up within the Average Consumption chart for your easy access. In a few weeks, you will see how small changes in his eating habits can show you and your vet a lot more information than wasn’t earlier possible.