Being a “Doggie Parent” is a big responsibility! You have to take care of your furry buddy, yourself and the people around you. At home, it is comparatively a controlled environment for both your Doggie and you. The situation however changes outside the comforts of your home. All can face some difficulties. To handle such situations smartly, a Fanny Bag full of these essential things will help you tremendously!

1.       Poop bags

It’s not yet a regular norm in India to scoop up your Doggie’s poop. However, if someone complains about the same, you might have to pay a hefty fine. To avoid that embarrassment, having poop bags is always a smarter choice.

Scoop up the Doggie’s poop so that no one has to feel embarrassed about walking in it and spreading it everywhere! It’s a basic civic responsibility both as a Dog Parent and as an individual.

2.       Hand Sanitizer

Where are you going to wash your hands on the walk after you just scooped up your Doggie’s poop?It’s also nice to offer the hand sanitizer to the stranger that just petted your doggie or played with him/her.

3.       Allergy Information

Just like humans, Doggies have allergies. It’s always advisable to get them checked and keep that list of allergies on you, all the time. In emergency situations, it helps your Doggie as well as the doctor seeing him/her.

4.       Bandages

Excited Doggies can sometimes harm themselves or others unknowingly. It is always advisable to have some kind of first help kit or at least bandages that you can wrap around the injury till you see a doctor.

5.       Dog booties

Unclean roads or unkempt parks can have broken glass or other pointed objects like small nails which can hurt your Doggie’s paws. In these situations, it’s better to have a Dog bootie handy to put on your Doggie’s paws.

6.       Wet wipes

Wiping off the mess your Doggie made in the car will be a tedious task, but with Wet Wipes it can be accomplished faster. Wet tissues will also come in handy if you need to wipe your Doggie’s paws before going in a pet friendly shop or a friend’s home after a rainy day!

7.       Flashlight

Every Doggie parent should have a flashlight in case you decide to roam into unfamiliar territories, especially at night! It will also help if something hurts your Furry baby’s paws in the dark of the night and you need to take a good look at it.

8.       Doggie Treats

Doggie treats help in a lot ways. If your furry baby exhibits a behaviour that you’d like to see again in the future, you can reward it with the treats. Sometimes, your Doggie might not want to leave the play area, treats come in handy to lure him/her homewards.

If a stray dog is trying to attack your Doggie, you can also distract him/her by throwing the treat behind him/her and get out of that tense situation unharmed.

Who doesn’t love a surprise treat once in a while?

9.       Snacks and Water

Last but not the least, you need a quick snack if your Doggie tires you out on the long walk! It’s always good to be high on energy when you are getting your Doggie some exercise!

Water is essential and keeps both your Doggie and you hydrated.