Imagine hosting a party in your house and half of the invitees don’t turn up because they are scared of your sweet dog jumping on them? You might know he does it because he is happy and excited but imagine telling it to the scared guests…Not easy, right?

When you leave home for work or anything else and your puppy is left alone at home, lack of physical activity may increase your losses if the doggie jumps around and knocks over that expensive vase you got. Having regrets at your own party cannot lead to a fun night and it is not even a good thing to have after getting back home straight after work.

Regret is not a good thing to have, in general and the regret of others not understanding your pooch’s behaviour is not a good feeling at all. We try to give everything we can to our dogs but sometimes we forget or ignore one of the most important things, that is providing training to your pup. After all, sometimes unconditional love isn’t enough. Our kids also need to go to school to learn, so why not our fur babies? There are several reasons why early age training is one of the most fundamental part of a dog’s journey.

Training is not only a great time to introduce socialization with people and dogs but it also provides mental stimulation which helps to keep your dog happy. Training should begin at an early age as there are several stages that puppies go through during their first few months of their life. A big part of early training is that it eliminates the potential for future aggression and bad behaviour.

Early age training is also an important time to introduce socialization with other dogs. Joining a puppy training class will teach puppies how to communicate with other dogs and they’ll make friends for life! Socialization is key among puppies and it is equivalent to sending children to pre-school so that they can develop the necessary skills to successfully through childhood. Puppies who interact with humans and other dogs early on learn how to adapt to their environment.

Doggies get excited and jump on your guests when they visit home, for them that’s being cheerful and playing but your guest may get scared and think the pup could harm them and they may question their visit to your home. Training helps eliminate that and your friends and family will become your pup’s friends and family too.

Hoomans have two arms to hold stuff around them but doggies don’t have arms which is why anything and everything goes in their mouth. Puppy training gives an opportunity to teach them what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in terms of biting. Their nibbles might seem cute when they are small but changing that behaviour once they become adults is multiple times as hard and not changing is going to result in painful marks on your skin.

Surprisingly enough, puppy training is more about training the parents than the pup itself. Dogs don’t speak our language so once we understand theirs, it becomes increasingly easy for us to work on any behaviour or trick with them with little effort.

Puppy training does not have to be extensive but done in increments. Once you have been to a puppy class early, then on its mostly about implementing those tricks on a daily or weekly basis. If you still can’t get a hang on things, look for a trainer but remember to always be with your dog when training. One of the most common problems with trainer sessions is that the dog listens to everything when the trainer is around and then goes back to normal self when they are away. At the end of the day, your Doggie needs to understand that the commands can be given from you or anyone else and not just the trainer.

While training your pup can be tricky, with enough repetitions, every dog likes to learns things and tricks. Some dogs may pick up things faster than others, just like humans, but that does not make them any worse than others. If you are focussed enough, every dog can be the best version of themselves.

Just understand that the later you start this training, the more difficult will it be to train your cutie pie and the bigger regret you may find yourself in. After all time doesn't wait for anyone. If you need any help, just visit the training section on DoggieTheApp and ask us. We will help you connect with the best training classes and trainers in your city.