Diwali is one of the most festive times in most parts of our country. However, the same cannot be said about our dogs. For dogs, the loud cracker noises are extremely distressing and can make them quite anxious. Most dogs react to this noise by either continuous barking or by getting in a corner and shutting down completely. This can be extremely painful for us as pawrents to see and most of us have no idea what to do. Well, let us help.

Firstly, find the room with least amount of noise, i.e. the room farthest from any windows. Then shut down all doors and windows of that room and create an isolated environment. if you have some lavender oil, spray it around in the room as it has soothing effect on your doggie. Get your last used blanket and give it to your doggie as your smell will comfort them beyond what you can imagine. If they sleep on your bed then get them there itself.

Next, get a speaker/TV in the room and play one of these music videos for them to cut out the noises from outside. They can get themselves immersed in videos that have dogs in them so that can also help a lot. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Try and play with them just as the crackers start. This would make the loud noises lose their ingenuity after a bit and you can go about your business. Try playing tug or in which hand or just running around goofing. If you have treat toys then that would do just as well. Throwing plastic bottles around for fetch is something most doggies love so try that. Basically anything that makes them tired and used to the noises after a bit.

Ideally, do not take them for a walk on the Diwali night, especially after 7. If you must, then make sure it is only within the building compound and you do it before 8 pm at the latest as once the crackers start, your dog can pull the leash much harder than normal. Make sure you have a scooper with you if they are relieving themselves in the society compound as it can become a society issue later on.

Sometimes dogs stop eating once the crackers start, so try and feed them their meals early andb try to make it interesting. Give them something that they dont eat everyday, like chicken pieces or gravy mixed in their regular food. They would gobble that up before you know it.

Even the next morning, there is a lot of harmful debris all around the roads, which can be extremely harmful for your pooch. We recommend you to wait for at least the afternoon before you take your fur baby for a walk. Also, do not forget to book a grooming session or give your baby a bath yourself within 2-3 days of Diwali as the particle pollution in the air and ground gets into their fur and makes them itch and worse. You can use DoggieTheApp to book one as well.

Make sure that you are as close to your doggie this Diwali as possible. If you must go out, leave someone with them or leave the TV on with one of these videos. Diwali is an amazing festival for all of us and the least we can do for our for baby on this day is to not let them get worried and tensed up on such an amazing day for us.