There are times when we can’t take our doggo out for a long walk. However, when canines are not getting enough physical and mental stimulations the boredom is inevitable. Severe boredom consequently leads to destructive, frustrating behaviors by dogs like increased barking, or even damaging the furniture. Add to that the current situation when we are not even able to walk ourselves, how can we realistically expect to be able to walk our dogs to their requirement?

Hence, it becomes extremely necessary to engage our furry friend’s mind and body into something interesting and to be honest they do deserve our time and efforts.

So here are 3 bonding games which you can play with your fur baby anywhere.

·        Find It

·        Tug of war

·        Which hand game

1.      FIND IT!

All you need are treats or toys.

Hide the treats and toys in a room.

Point your dog in the right direction or let them sniff treats so that he/she gets the hang of the game.

Make sure treats or toys you hide are not very hard to find.

You can hide yourself too, let your doogo search you  

If it become difficult for them to find you, give cue by making funny sounds or calling their name in different frequencies.

Celebrate every treat or toy they find. Or when they find you.

2.      TUG OF WAR!

All you need is a tug toy or you can tear an old T-shirt into strips. Tie the strips together to create a multi-tentacle octopus type toy that is easy for both you and your dog to grab. They are lightweight, easy to throw and easy to wash.

Hold tight one end of the toy and let your doggo grab the other end of the toy

Initiate the tugging. Do not exceed the session more than a minute else it can turn into a behavioral issue later.

Take breaks and start gain.

Make sure you have the toy in the end of every session to be clear about who is in charge.


Treats , Treats , Treats ! that’s all!

Pick a treat hide it in a closed fist.

Show both closed fists to your doggo

Let them sniff and signal the fist with treat

Reward them with treat and praise as they signal correct

If they signal the wrong one open the fist and show the empty fist.

To be honest, nothing is as effective as along walks or short runs with your doggie, but indoor games can help to a certain extent to keep them interested and active. On top of that, it would help you bond with your fuurend in more ways than one. If you would like more things to do with your dog, check out the newly added Training section in the app for many more fun activities.