Has your dog suddenly started displaying aggressive behaviour for no apparent reason? What may be the reason for this sudden change in temperament?

It is not a happy situation for a parent to see his/her friendly pet suddenly turned into an aggressor who poses danger to the visitors or even family.

So, what are the things you should look for to find out the reasons for this sudden change of behaviour?

Observe the reason of the aggression. Is it because of any external factor? Is he/she feeling scared of something such as loud noises or anything else? Is someone in the family or one of the maids being aggressive with the dog lately?

If there is no apparent external factor which makes your dog aggressive, do check for any injury on the body. If a dog is feeling the pain, he/she may feel a danger of you touching the injured body part when you try to go close and thus display aggression. Check for skin irritations, torn paw pads, insect bites. Check mouth for dental problems.

If you are not able to find any of these or your dog does not let you do a thorough examination, do take him/her to the vet and explain the change in behavior. Let the vet know about the medical history and behavior change. Vet may require to do some tests if there is no overt cause of this change in temperament.

If there is no satisfactory medical explanation even after trying these methods, please consult a canine behaviorist to be able to dig further.