Hello Hooman!

As I have seen, you are taking good care of yourself during this lockdown period and I love to cuddle with you when you smell good and when you are all clean and tidy. Well because of the lockdown you are not able to take me to my dog salon or grooming centre and I am certainly enjoying my non bathing and cleanliness period but as you care for me I also care for you, I really don’t want to smell bad when you cuddle me, nor do I want to look bad I front of other doggies. So here are some tricks that you can use to groom me up and also we both can spend our salon time together like real best friends.


• As much as I love the smell of your Shampoo but I want you to use my dog shampoo with the balanced pH level which ranges from 6.5-7.5 so that my delicate skin does not get harmed and I can get my shiny and smooth hair to flaunt. But if you cannot find that, then Hooman I am your baby right? So you can temporarily use baby products like these on me:

Himalaya baby shampoo

Johnson baby shampoo

Himalaya Gentle Daily Care With Protein

Biotique Green Apple

Dove Daily Care

And always brush me while doing my shampoo as I love it and also it removes unwanted hair and dust from my body.


Now as I know that, because of the lockdown, you might not able to find my products and in the rare case, if you have no option you can apply your own shampoo on my body but take care of these following points :-

1) Whenever you are applying Hooman shampoo always remember to dilute it down to 50% with water.

2) Just to be clear use the dilute mixture on a patch of my skin near my belly, wash it off and give it a day to check if there is any inflammation or allergy.

3) Brush my lovely hair to remove unwanted hair or dust and before applying the shampoo, always wet my coat and undercoat with Lukewarm water.

4) Use a small amount of the diluted solution on my body and message light lather and avoid my eyes and ears.

5) Finally when I am all clean, rinse me till the shampoo is completely off my fur coat.  Ahh! My lustrous fur are ready to go for a nice hair drying session.

But remember hooman do not make it habit to use your shampoo on me as I don't pressure you to use mine on yourself. I know my shampoo is bit expensive but it's also relatively frugal as it will last long.

And remember as I told you I don't like bathing, so merely give me a bath once two weeks or even better once in a month.


1) Use a thick towel to absorb all surplus water in my fur so that I am not excessively moist.

2) As you know I only like patting so don't rub my fur with the towel instead pat dry my fur this will also prevent tangling of hair and mats.

3) Now when I am adequately dry now you can either let me play and get my self-air dried or you can use the dryer to dry my hair, while giving me a diva feel but remember keep the nozzle away from my body and don't concentrate on one part of my body as I might get burns from the hot hair. However, as you know I am a quiet personality and also I don't like the sound of the dryer so I really wont mind to dry myself up(your furrniture might think otherwise, but then who listens to them).


I am very particular of my products so do use my Ear cleaning solution and it is decent in nature and suitable to my skin type. But in this tough time I don't want to be all rigid on you, so if not the solution you can use Coconut oil.

Gently massage the Coconut oil on my skin but do cut your nails before doing so. Then wipe the entire ear with some cotton resulting in the entire wax getting swapped and my ears will be neat and clean and I will be able to listen to your commands as well as I want to :P


This part is my least favorite, but just so you don't get hurt with my nails I have to get my nails done. Now Use a dog clipper to clip my nails but even if you are using human nail cutter make sure you calm me down and give me some love first as I become very anxious during this procedure. Then when I will give you my paw gently clip my nail and don't cut it extremely deep as it can give me cuts and extreme pain, so maintain a certain distance and accordingly. After every nail reward me with a treat coz I am doing such courageous stunt to protect you from harmful scratches.

Now if you will do all the steps noted above just the way I explained then my best friend you have made me look like the most beautiful and happy doggie in the universe. I now have the ability to show off in front of other doggies of the neighbourhood and with my glossy and healthy hair and clean and tidy body, I am all ready for lots of cuddles and love. To be honest my Hooman, after seeing you taking out time for me and taking care of me with such love and compassion and tenderness my love for you has doubled!

I hope everyone reading this understands how to do the same to their awesome doggies too. Happy Grooming!❤️