Not paying attention to proper dog proofing may result in to injury to your dog which may sometimes be fatal or something less serious such as your dog chewing off your belongings. Thus, it’s in interest of any dog parent to dog proof their home. So what are the things you should be doing in order to dog proof your home?

To be honest, dog proofing is not really different from baby proofing your house. Dogs have access to and have danger from all the things which a baby may have. So start from taking care of wires of laptop chargers, lamps etc so that they do not trip over them or chew on them and cover the electric sockets.

Remove all the low lying decorations from the floor. Buy trash bins which dogs either cannot open or keep them in places where they cannot access them.

Never leave your medicines or any valuable items unattended on a table where your dog can reach (even with difficulty). Put safety locks on the cupboards.

Change the automatically closing doors. Dogs have habit of following you everywhere and if you have auto closing doors and you are not aware that your dog is following you, your dog may just get stuck in the closing door and hurt himself.

Keep the kitchen door always closed. Kitchens have edible things and dogs may get attracted to go there often however kitchens are also place where they can easily get into contact with sharp objects such as knives.

Keep your shoes and slippers especially the ones made of leather away in a cabinet with safety lock. Dogs find them attractive to chew on so if you do not pay attention you may just find one of your slippers gone. Make sure your dog has enough chewable toys around him at all times or else even your wood furniture might get chewed during their teething years.

Ensure that your furniture has no sharp corners. Dogs get excited sometimes and do not see what’s around them while running or jumping. These things can hurt them real bad.