Leaving your dog alone at home while you work is not fun for you nor for your best friend. However, if you are single or a working couple you may not have an option but to leave your furry baby alone at home.  

For start, choose a breed which can stay alone for stretched durations. You will then need to follow a routine in order to acclimatize the puppy to stay alone till it becomes a habit.

If you are bringing an 8-10 weeks old puppy, then you should be prepared to take few days off from your work and also look for a boarding house where you can leave him while you are at work.

Once the puppy crosses 12 weeks of age, you can now start training him/her for staying alone with these things in check:

  1. Earmark a place in your house for the puppy & put his/her bed or crate in this corner. This is the place he/she will be spending most of the time when you are away so make it as comfortable as possible.  
  2. Put enough water for them to make sure they are never thirsty. This is as critical as anything for a lone dog. Also very important is to not leave any food lying around while you are gone. This will create a feeling of always available food and hinder in training them to eat at specific intervals.
  3. Start going out for short duration like 1-2 hours and increase these durations while you are off from work. This will prepare him/her for you not being there for longer durations when you join your work again.
  4. Ask help from your neighbours or house helps to check on him/her once or twice during the day.
  5. Make sure the house is setup in a way that your dog only gets access to the areas of house that you want him to while you are gone. Kitchen is one room you definitely want to lock up before you leave.
  6. For the first few days after re-joining work, do come home yourself once during the lunch break and check how he/she is doing without you.
  7. Puppies like to follow a routine. Create a daily schedule of walking, feeding, playing and stick to the same. Start waking up early so that you can spend some time with your new friend before you go to work. Ideally take him/her for a walk. Keep some toys at your dog’s bed for him/her to play with while you are away.
  8. Invest in a dog camera. There are multiple gadgets available now a days with which you can track your dog’s activities while you are at work. They are great help in keeping your mind at peace while you are away from your best friend.