You have to go to office but you don’t have a sitter to take care of your furry baby? You have to send in a day’s work from home but your cute Doggie wants to play and you can’t focus? We've got you covered! Here are some simple, almost free of cost tricks to keep your Doggie busy and happy! Keeping them busy and occupied while you’re away is important to their mental well being and good health. Of course it won’t replace the good 'ol walks to the parks but it will make it easier say goodbye to your pup while you leave for work.

Give them a view

You’ll be surprised how much time a Doggie can spend by just surroundings near your house. Set up your pup’s favourite blanket by the window so they are encouraged to spend time there. Just make sure the windows are shut and/or you have grills installed so that your friends doesn't jump out to chase birds.

Play something on the Television

Not all dogs enjoy watching television but for those who do, YouTube for dogs is a fun way for a dog to have a relaxed afternoon. Just search for relaxing dog videos, make a playlist and that's it. You can also set timer on your tv set for it to switch on or switch off.

Special treat balls

There are a lot of treat balls available in the market which you can fill up with treats and the Doggie then has to roll around the ball to get the treats out. Kong has some special toys just for this. This also becomes a fun physical activity while giving them treats that make them happy!

Recycle the plastic bottle

Almost every Doggie likes to play with plastic water bottles. But there is a risk of some plastic getting ingested by the Doggie while playing with it. So simply remove the lid and the plastic ring around the neck and tie it inside an old t-shirt or any other cloth. The crinkly sound of the plastic bottle will keep your Doggie amused and he/she won’t even get hurt while at it!

Keep toys on rotation duty

Every pup has a favourite toy and that toy usually doesn’t last very long. Doggies can be rough on their favourite toy so its better to rotate his/her toys throughout the week. This not only extends the life of the toys but keeps your Doggie occupied with new and fun activities.

It is important for us to ensure that our babies do not get bored while waiting for us and these exercises help them shed that extra energy and go back to sleep, which they love to do, later in the day.