Clicking a photo or hundred of your beloved furry friend to upload them on social media for the world to see is our favourite pastime! But our Doggies don’t always cooperate with us, do they? And of course they don’t. Most of the time they are not completely aware of what’s going on and are just not prepared for an attack by their paparazzi human.

For clicking that perfect photo of your Doggie, we have some tricks from experienced Doggie photographers!

1. Before the shoot

Get your Doggie groomed, give them a bath yourself or call for a DoggieTheApp Grooming Specialist, we leave that on you to decide! Neatly brushed fur always works wonders! Putting on a new collar which goes well with your Doggie’s colour helps as well. They will sense that something special is going on. Clear the surroundings so that there is nothing unnecessary in the frame and your pup isn’t distracted by any object.

2. Location

Use variety of places to click your Doggie; your living room, bedroom, Doggie’s corner where they sleep. Try natural spaces when you are out on walks or play dates. Focus the camera on your Doggie as he/she is the subject of the photo and click away! Also try to focus on your Doggie’s eyes, as they are the most expressive.

3. Color Schemes

Try and colour coordinate the background in contrast to your Doggie’s fur colour. It should also help with making the Doggie stand out of the background making him look the Good Boy/Girl he/she is!

4. Active Doggies

If your Doggie is an active one, keep the shutter speed fast. And use burst mode so that you have many shots to choose from in which your Doggie looks the BEST! With hyper doggies, play with them a little before you start shooting so they tire themselves out and stay calm for your perfect shot!

5. Helping Hooman

It is a lot easier to click photos of your pup if you have a helping hand which keeps the leash and your Doggie still. You can then edit out the leash. This way, your Doggie sits calm and nothing distracts him/her. If not, having a treat in your hand will keep them looking at you and therefore the camera.

6. Time of the day

Whether you are clicking photos of your Doggie indoor or in an outdoor space, keep in mind that midday’s harsh light will not be very useful and the heat will tire them quickly. Prefer timings like just after sunrise or an hour before sunset, which won’t be harsh on the photos clicked and have a cooler climate for you and your Doggie to enjoy. Bright yet diffused light is the easiest to create flattering portraits.

Using reflectors like white sheet of paper or silver foil or using the flash against white background can help click better photos of darker coloured dogs.

7. Pay your model

Nothing comes for free, except the affection of your Doggie for you. Pay your pup with dog treats or toys or simply show them affection and love, which will come to you naturally, obviously. By doing this your pup will not wander off and be disinterested in task on hand.

8. Pay attention

Pay attention to your Doggie while clicking photos. While it maybe important to you that a perfect, still photo goes on your social media but your Doggie doesn’t understand that. Understand the Doggie’s behaviour, cues and shut the camera away if your Doggies seems uncomfortable. You know your Doggie's behaviour best so use that to catch him/her in the right spot.

They aren’t used to the constant smiling for photos like we humans are and even we get tired after posing for a longer time so stop immediately after you sense the tiredness in your Doggie’s eyes. Also, don’t make your buddy perform dangerous stunts just for one quick snap.  After all, your Doggie’s safety and happiness is your priority, right?