Grooming is important. Not just for us but also for our furry babies. Grooming your Doggie essentially means keeping them clean and making them look great! If you have a puppy, do start his/her grooming sessions from an early age so that he/she gets into the habit of getting groomed. So what are the common grooming activities should you pay attention to as a dog parent?


Brushing is an important part of general pet care. Brushing the coat regularly removes dirt, dry skin and avoids knotting. It also helps you detect if there are any ticks on your Doggie which if not detected in time can give birth to other health issues. It also helps distribute healthy natural skin oils over the dog’s body which leads to a shiny coat and reduces hairfall.


No matter how much you fall for your Doggie's puppy eyes, they have to have a bath regularly. Bathing is an essential part of the grooming. Regular bathing not only keeps your Doggie fresh but also frees them from germs which helps him/her to stay active.


Ears are one of the most important part of a Doggie's body which must be cleaned up all the time. Do not ignore cleanliness of ears at any cost. Get a professional groomer or vet to clean your Doggie’s ears if you are not confident to clean them yourself.


Your dog’s eyes can get infection for many reasons thus it is important that the hair around eyes are trimmed. If you spot any redness or watery eyes, do get the vet to check them. If there is any problem use the drops prescribed by the vet. Oh and also keep cleaning the eyes for wet boogers every now and then. They are not only irritants to your Doggie but can also lead to bigger problems later on.


Urban living sometimes mean that your dog’s nails are not filed naturally and may become sharp which can be a cause of unintentional injury to them as well as to you. And the underlying dirt in the nails is a big no no! Thus, it is important that you check their nail and clip/trim them regularly. And again, get a professional groomer or vet to clean your Doggie’s ears if you are not confident about it.


Oral hygiene is also an important part of overall grooming. Regular brushing ensures that your pooch has healthy gums and fresh breath. Tooth or gum pain can make your dog aggressive without you getting to know the real reason behind the sudden change in the behaviour.

Remember, grooming is a great way to bond with your pup. If you look at each task as a chance to give your Doggie some love and attention, then suddenly brushing, clipping nails or bathing don’t seem like such chores.