Have you ever wondered, or even got worried as to why your Doggie is eating grass while playing in the parks or even in your backyard? Of course you did! Your Doggie is not a cow so you are right to wonder. You might even feel worried if you are not giving your furry friend the nutrition he/she needs? But the fact is that even if your dog has a well balanced diet, he/she may still eat grass if they feel like.

Let me assure you that it isn’t very uncommon for Doggies to eat grass. The veterinarians have various views about why Doggies eat grass, but they all agree that it is a very common occurrence. And study shows that most types of grasses will not make your dog sick.

One reason behind your fur baby eating grass could be because he/she is just bored and has nothing to do while sitting in the grass. Or maybe they just like the taste.

Pica is a technical term for disorders characterised by eating things that aren’t food. Some vets suggest that Doggies actually might be eating grass because they are hungry or lack some important nutrition components like fibre. Revisit your Doggie's food pack and see the nutritional elements inside and if fibre forms a part of that. If not, then maybe it is time to change your food anyway!

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The grass eating behaviour is seen more frequently in puppies or younger doggies when they are growing their teeth and chew any and everything that comes in front of them. Sometimes it may result in vomiting, which is generally not harmful but you should take care if it happens again. Generally, indigestion from grass eating can make your pup vomit. Doggies enjoy all sorts of things that disgust human palette, dirty socks for example.

Nevertheless, with increasing content of pesticides on various plants and grass, eating the grass can prove to be harmful for your Doggie, resulting into various stomach problems. It is better to take care of your Doggie whenever you are out playing by not letting them eat too much grass. However if it is in your own backyard then you can control the use of pesticides and let your Doggie enjoy his day in the sun!